PURE Men´s Hooded Sweater - Ying and Yang

Elaborately designed and processed men´s hooded sweater showing the Yin & Yang symbol

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PURE Hooded Sweater - Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang originates in the chinese taoism and is the concept of duality forming a whole. The word Yin could be translated
as "sunny side" and Yang as "shady side".

unique motifs characterize PURE's artwork hoodies. Whether at a Reggae Festival or a Berlin Underground Technoparty,
PURE hoodies are a real eye-catcher.

All PURE hoodies are made of 100% pure cotton and are printed in the silk screen technique. As the shirts are pre-washed,
you do not have to fear that they "shrink" or discolourate after washing. All shirts are produced in the so-called "wringle look",
which gives the products a popular vintage look and the advantage that the shirt looks cool even without ironing.

Length / Width: 70 cm / 50 cm - 28.74 Inch / 18.89 Inch
Length / Width: 73 cm / 54 cm - 30.31 Inch / 21.65 Inch
Length / Width: 77 cm / 60 cm - 31.88 Inch / 23.62 Inch
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