Mirror Men's Hooded Sweater - The 7 Chacras

Elaborately designed and processed men´s hooded sweater showing the 7 main chakras

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MIRROR Men´s Hooded Sweater - The 7 Chakras

The seven most important Chakras are arranged along the spinal cord, from top to bottom: 1. Sahasrara (crown)
2. Ajna (third eye) 3. Vishuddhi (throat) 4. Anahata (heart) 5. Nabhi-Manipura (solar) 6. Svadhisthana (sacral)
7. Muladhara (root)

MIRROR: Look behind the MIRROR!
The motto of MIRROR symbolizes itself in a motif mix of New Age, psychedelic art and ancient Buddhist
and Hindu images and symbols. From techno party animals, to the yoga guru, over the Hawaii surfer, to the
street artist the shirts produced by MIRROR are the clothing of choice. Designs as the ever-recurring “all-
seeing-eye in the pyramid” or the “third eye” inspiring us to take a different view on the world. Look behind
the mirror!

The shirts, tank tops and hoodies of MIRROR are made in elaborate handwork, are pre washed, printed in the
silk-screen technique, made of 100% pure cotton and are woven in a very thin light fabric. Thus, all products
are cuddly soft, a "shrinking" after washing is excluded and longevity is guaranteed.

Length / Width: 74 cm / 52 cm - 29.13 Inch / 20.47 Inch
Length / Width: 75 cm / 56 cm - 29.52 Inch / 22.04 Inch
Length / Width: 76 cm / 60 cm - 29.92 Inch / 23.62 Inch
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