SURE Men´s Hooded Sweater - Om Ganesha

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SURE Men´s Hooded Longsleeve - Om Ganesha

Ganesha, also known as Ganapati, Vinayaka and Binayak, is one of the most worshiped deities in the Hindu pantheon. His
image can be found throughout the indian sub-continent and Southeast Asia.

SURE: The perfect symbiosis of psychedelic art and Buddhist and Hindu motifs. "East meets West" and blends in the
artwork T-shirts, dresses and tank tops by SURE. In first rate party locations such as Goa (India), Ibiza (Spain),
Koh Panghan (Thailand) or Seminyak (Bali) the clothing of SURE could be seen as “basic eqipment” of the party tribe.
Whether Goa, Trance, Techno or Reggae clothing of SURE is a real eye-catcher! With a SURE shirt you´re
perfectly prepared for the summer festival time. Through the emphasis on Buddhist and Hindu motifs and the cuddly
soft processing, the products are also perfect for your next yoga class lesson!

All SURE hoodies, shirts, lobgsleeves, tank tops and dresses are made of 100% cotton, printed in the silk screen method and are pre washed.
Thus, all products are cuddly soft, a "shrinking" after washing is excluded and longevity is guaranteed. Due to the
extra thin, light fabric, every SURE shirt is also a perfect summer fit. Another trademark of SURE clothing is the
"wrinkle-look, which gives the shirts and clothes a special vintage look. Even un-ironed, the products are real eye-
catchers! A blessing for all among us who hate ironing. In addition, the sleeves of the shirts are sewn in a used-
vintage style to reinforce the real-vintage look.

Length / Width: 71 cm / 50 cm - 27.95 Inch / 19.68 Inch
Length / Width: 74 cm / 53 cm - 29.13 Inch / 20.86 Inch
Length / Width: 77 cm / 60 cm - 30.31 Inch / 23.62 Inch
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Quality Men
Keywords All Wakapu t-shirts, hoodies, longsleeves, tank tops and dresses are pre-washed - cuddly soft and shrinking after laundry is excluded
Design Elephants Hinduism Animal Shaman Jungle Psy-chedelic Art clothing electro rebell DNB beach chill-out party club-wear stoner festival party fashion designer gipsy boho-chic bohemian hippie Ibiza Alternative THC Indian cannabis-leaf tee T-shirt hoodie
Material Elaborately designed Psychedelic Art Longsleeve Hoodie produced by SURE
Measurement Very comfortable to wear - Lightly woven cotton for hot summer days and wild party nights!
Style & Usage Please pay attention to our exact measurements in centimeters / inches!

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