Patch Jamaica Cannabis Leaf

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WAKAPU Patch, Iron on, Sew on: Jamaica Cannabis Leaf

Stitched on this elaborately designed patch, iron on, sew on is a cannabis leaf in reggae colours.
Jamaica is the home to reggae, ragga, raggaton, ska, dubs and music stars like Bob Marley or
Peter Tosh and many more.

All Wakapu patches are made of nylon and therefore very weather resistant. The patches are
embroidered by most modern machines and have overlocked edges or are in the Laser cutting
process manufactured. Thus, highest processing standards is consistent quality guaranteed.
Each of our patches is also suitable to be ironed on to nearly any garment (works even on
leather), please follow the ironing instructions:

1.) Allow the iron to preheat briefly. The temperature selection should be in the lower steam
iron levels

2.) Pre-iron the place intended for the ironing well, to warm the area, so the adhesive afterward
will hold better

3.) Position the patch on the desired spot and cover the product with a thin cloth.

4.) Then iron the spot for 20 - max. 40 sec - use light pressure

5.) Repeat the process from the back, depending on the textile.

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Dimension 3063895031
Quality ✅ Patch Size: 9 cm x 8 cm
Application ✅ All Wakapu Patches, Patch, Patches are manufactured according to the highest quality standards! ♕
Usage ✅ Suited for sewing and / or ironing on most cotton, synthetic (no ironing) and leather fabrics.★
Ironing ✅ Customize your bags, shirts, sweaters, jeans or even your leather jacket with an awesome Wakapu patch! ☮

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