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Ako Roshi´s T-Shirts delights with elaborate and traditional motifs from the rich mythology and tattoo world of Japan.

Akō Rōshi means "Ronin from Ako" and is one of the most famous legends of Japan, the 47 Rōnin“ or also known as "the Legend of the 47 Samurai". The story is based on Japanese values such as loyalty, tradition, brotherhood. The inspiration for the motifs of Akō Rōshi comes from the rich tattoo tradition of Japan which stands precisely for these values. Many of the motifs are based on centuries-old designs and are still widely used as tattoos by martial artists, Yakuza and lovers of Japanese tattoo art. Particularly popular are motifs such as dragons, gods, ghosts / demons and animals (lions, tigers, etc.), which are considered as symbols of happiness, strength or wisdom. 

All Akō Rōshi t-shirts are produced using the silk-screen method, pre-washed and made from 100% super-soft cotton. Thus any shrinking after washing (30 °, cotton, spin) is avoided, a fantastic wearing comfort ensured and longevity of the shirts guaranteed. A T-shirt by Akō Rōshi is also the perfect fit for hot summer days as the fabric is very thin and lightly woven.

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