What actually is Wakapu?

What actually is Wakapu?


The word Wakapu originates from the polynesian Maori language, and could be translated with terms like "wow", "awesome" or "breathtaking". Overall, it is an expression of positive astonishment.

We want to offer you true to our brand-name clothing from underground brands such as SURE, PURE, Ako Roshi, Mirror and WEED, which will delight and astonish you!

In a world of environmental pollution, human trafficking and harmful chemical dyes, your Wakapu team is aware of its responsibilities. We live according to the motto "One Life / One Planet"! This means that all the goods we offer are conscientiously tested by us in terms of quality and the background of the companies we are dealing with. All goods we offer are produced by small and medium-sized family companies from Japan and Thailand which are committed to the highest standards of employment law, protection of nature and the environment and using only skin-friendly colors and materials. 

Our brands:

Sure Clothing

The perfect symbiosis of psychedelic art and Buddhist and Hindu motifs. "East meets West" and blends in the artwork T-shirts, dresses and tank tops by SURE. In first rate party locations such as Goa (India), Ibiza (Spain), Koh Panghan (Thailand) or Seminyak (Bali) the clothing of SURE could be seen as “basic eqipment” of the party tribe. 
Whether Goa, Trance, Techno or Reggae clothing of SURE is a real eye-catcher! With a SURE shirt you´re perfectly prepared for the summer festival time. Through the emphasis on Buddhist and Hindu motifs and the cuddly soft processing, the products are also perfect for your next yoga class lesson! 

All SURE shirts, tank tops and dresses are made of 100% cotton, printed in the silk screen method and are pre washed.
Thus, all products are cuddly soft, a "shrinking" after washing is excluded and longevity is guaranteed. Due to the extra thin, light fabric, every SURE shirt is also a perfect summer fit. Another trademark of SURE clothing is the "wrinkle-look, which gives the shirts and clothes a special vintage look. Even un-ironed, the products are real eye-catchers! A blessing for all among us who hate ironing. 

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Akō Rōshi

Akō Rōshi (穂 浪 士 士) means "Ronin from Ako" and is one of the most famous legends of Japan, "the 47 Rōnin" (四十七士) or also known as "the Legend of the 47 Samurai". The story is based on Japanese values such as loyalty, tradition, brotherhood. The inspiration for the motifs of Akō Rōshi comes from the rich tattoo tradition of Japan which stands precisely for these values. Many of the motifs are based on centuries-old designs and are still widely used as tattoos by martial artists, Yakuza and lovers of Japanese tattoo art. Particularly popular are motifs such as dragons, gods, ghosts / demons and animals (lions, tigers, etc.), which are considered as symbols of happiness, strength or wisdom. 

All Ako Roshi by Work-Shirt t-shirts are produced using the silk-screen method, pre-washed and made from 100% super-soft cotton. Thus any shrinking after washing (30 °, cotton, spin) is avoided, a fantastic wearing comfort ensured and longevity of the shirts guaranteed. A T-shirt by Ako Roshi is also the perfect fit for hot summer days as the fabric is very thin and lightly woven.

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Look behind the MIRROR! 

Look behind the MIRROR! The motto of MIRROR symbolizes itself in a motif mix of New Age, psychodelic style and ancient Buddhist and Hindu images and symbols. From techno party animals, to the yoga guru, over the Hawaii surfer, to the street artist the shirts produced by MIRROR are the clothing of choice. Designs as the ever-recurring “all-seeing-eye in the pyramid” or the “third eye” inspiring us to take a different view on the world. Look behind the mirror! 

The shirts, tank tops and dresses of MIRROR are made in elaborate handwork, are pre washed, printed in the silk-screen technique, made of 100% pure cotton and are woven in a very thin light fabric. Thus, all products are cuddly soft, a "shrinking" after washing is excluded and longevity is guaranteed.

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Weed - Who has been on a vacation in first rate party locations such as Ibiza, Lloret de Mar, Goa or Koh Panghan in the last few years doesn´t got around the t-shirts and dresses produced by WEED. From top Djs to poor street artists, the brand is an absolute "must have"! Especially in the Goa, Trance, Etno and alternative art scene, the brand's products have been very popular for years. Inspired by motifs from the pychodelic art movement and Buddhist mythology, WEED symbolizes another, an alternative lifestyle. Eastern wisdom blends with modern Western art. This is WEED!

All T-shirts, tank tops and dresses from WEED are made in elaborate handwork by silk screen printing, consist of 100% pure cotton and are pre washed. Thus, all products are cuddly soft, a „shrinking“ after washing is excluded and longevity is guaranteed. Due to the very thin and slightly woven fabric, a WEED shirt is also the perfect garment for hot summer days.

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PURE, simple, captivating, the essential, just PURE! Psychedelic artwork with a touch of minimalism. Brilliant colors and unique motifs characterize PURE's artwork T-shirts. Whether at a Reggae Festival or a Berlin Underground Technoparty, PURE shirts are a real eye-catcher. 

All PURE T-shirts are made of 100% pure cotton and are printed in the silk screen technique. As the shirts are pre-washed,
you do not have to fear that they "shrink" or discolourate after washing. All shirts are produced in the so-called "wringle look",
which gives the products a popular vintage look and the advantage that the shirt looks cool even without ironing.

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